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Authenticity is the best marketing of all

We all have biases, values and assumptions that shape how we see the world. Marketing works best when marketers tell us stories that fit our worldview. Stories that make us feel smart because what we believe is right.

By framing your product or service in a group’s worldview, you create a story that is believable, trustworthy and authentic. Not everyone will listen or believe it. But the people you want to reach, those who are already predisposed to believing your story, will embrace it and share with their friends.

Don’t try to change someone’s worldview. People don’t want to be told what they believe is wrong.

During lockdown, I’ve been reading more than usual. Once I’ve finished a book, I try to distill it down into a handful of messages to take away. To help do this and remember the key points, I’ve been producing these infographics.

That’s what I’ve done here with Seth Godin’s ‘All Marketers Tell Stories’.

Full size infographic: 800 x 2000

Instagram infographic1080 x 1080

Infographic Seth Godin marketers tell lies
Instagram infographic download

Twitter infographic1600 x 900

Infographic marketing stories
Twitter infographic download

Inspired by Seth Godin’s ‘All Marketers Tell Stories’ book.

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