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Ecommerce Expo: personalisation and chatbot data

I was recently fortunate enough to speak at Technology For Marketing at Ecommerce Expo, London with @DanielLennox.

We presented “Saving Lives With Data and Personalisation” and shared our experiences of using data from personalisation to not just improve user experience but how that insight can be used to develop to customer propositions.

Here’s a few of the key takeaways:

  • We have a unique challenge when selling our service. We have to influence more than one audience persona because the decision making process is shared between family members.
  • We turned to personalisation as a solution. We started with a form of basic website personalisation by changing copy and imagery to reflect the website visitor.
  • However, we needed a more conversational interaction to deliver personalisation that reflected the shared decision making process. Chatbots met this need.
  • By using audience segmentation through Quriobot, Shopify and Campaign Monitor, we serve personalised product recommendations.
  • The anonymised data can be used to serve personalised ads based on chatbot interactions and page views.
  • But if you are not using this data to better understand your customers then you are not taking full advantage of the opportunities.
  • Don’t stop with personalisation – use the data and insights to drive a better understanding of your customer base and feed that insight back into your product development and strategy to improve competitive advantage
  • Think beyond basic navigational personalisation.
  • If you have different customer personas and audiences, then you can segment and influence purchase
  • If you segment, you can personalise.
  • If you can personalise, then you can improve user experience and conversions.
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