I'm a marketing professional with a strong digital background

Marketing, Ecommerce, Search engine optimisation, Project management, Conversion rate optimisation, Search and Display ads, Social media

Understand your customers. Create a strong online presence. Do it well and your company can compete with the best.

That's why I love digital and that's why I get excited by marketing. Take a great idea, add a good design, write some copy that resonates with your audience and you have created something special.

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Linked articles

Some of the recent LinkedIn articles I have written.

Managing offshore development projects

Managing offshore web development project

"I drafted this before working from home was the new normal: how to effectively manage an offshore development project. Now every team is made up of remote workers and learning similar lessons. A local team is only as effective as the project manager and a remote team is no different. But offshore teams do present a unique set of challenges."
Tips and best practices for managing offshore web development projects

The 3 most important factors in our successful Shopify launch

Shopify ecommerce launch

"When we relaunched 12 months ago, we weren’t aiming to take advantage of the emerging ecommerce boom. But since switching to Shopify, we’ve seen an impressive 62% increase in ecommerce conversion rate and 53% increase in average order value. However, there are three factors that have been essential to achieving these improvements."
From build to launch during lockdown

Why you should look outside your industry for trends and news

How to stay up to date with marketing trends

"Be more meerkat and less ostrich. Look outside your industry for trends and innovations. Disruption in industries drives innovation and what customers come to expect as normal in one sector becomes standard elsewhere. "
Why you should look outside your industry for trends and news

Featured blog posts

Articles from my 'Sharing Marketing' blog.

6 steps to writing a customer value proposition

6 steps to write a customer value proposition

"It's said most purchase decisions are made in 2.6 seconds. How do you win a customer in the time it takes to consider a purchase?
Develop a customer proposition that articulates the value to the customer."
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Small words and short sentences: say it in 10 words

Small words and short sentences

"There’s something beautiful in communicating an idea in 10 words. But using small words and short sentences is easier said than done. Jeremy Waite’s Ten Words is packed full of examples of 10 word statements, manifestos and philosophies."
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More from the blog: "Sharing Marketing"

Authenticity is the best marketing of all

Authentic marketing

"We all have biases, values and assumptions that shape how we see the world. Marketing works best when marketers tell us stories that fit our worldview. Stories that make us feel smart because what we believe is right."
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Sharing an idea, inspiration or lesson learnt.

When I see something interesting or inspiring, I write it down. When you do this, it forces you to make sense of your ideas or thoughts. So that's what I do and every now and then I post those ideas on Instagram.



These are some of the qualifications I have gained.

You can never stop learning and improving. I've been doing this for 20 years. I'm still learning. I hope I never stop learning.

CIM marketing diploma

Diploma in Professional Marketing

Google marketing platform

Google Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360
Jellyfish Training

Google ads

Google Analytics IQ, Google Search Certification

Bing ads

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Web application development

Open degree BSc
Web app development certification

Digital art University Plymouth

Digital Art and Tech BSc
University of Plymouth


I've got experience of online and traditional marketing channels.

Being hands-on and creating and running marketing activity yourself builds up invaluable experience. If you're willing to learn, you can work out how to do it.


Conversion Rate Optimisation
Content and design
Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Project management

Website development
Website redesigns
Marketing projects
Campaign management

Outbound and direct

Print ads
Direct mail
Email marketing

Search Engine Markteing

Paid search

Search Engine Optimisation

On page
Off page

Social media

Paid ads


Don't wait until you have something original to say. It will be too late.

As someone else once said.

About me

I'd describe myself as positive, persevering, productive.

Sometimes I describe myself as a digital marketer because it's a convenient label but my skill set is broader than that.

I have a Diploma in Professional Marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing and a degree in Digital Art & Technology from the University of Plymouth. I also have a Bachelor of Science degree and Web Application Development certificate from the Open University.

I started my career as a graphic designer before working as a web developer and then moving into marketing. I love working with companies to improve their online and offline marketing and seeing the results this delivers.

The constantly changing digital landscape means there are exciting marketing opportunities for businesses

If you'd like to find out more, get in touch